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9-12 Meetup Notes

I'm really glad we had such a good turn out to the meetup last night. There was a lot of discussion and a lot of things we were supposed to follow up with. I thought I'd try to capture everything here in one spot.

At least one person expressed and interest in product photography and I directed them to Alex Koloskov's site. He's an Atlanta-based product photographer that posts a lot of tutorials and behind-the-scenes videos online. He uses a lot of strobes because he freezes and lot of liquids in his shots but you can do a lot of what he does with lights from Home Depot and a DIY light tent.

For those interested in learning glamour and beauty photography and want the chance to work with top-notch models then visit The closest event to Huntsville is the upcoming Birmingham shoot. These are not group shoots, but are individual shooting events with instructor involvement there to help you out when you need it. The instructor line-up varies from event to event but the two constants are J.T. Smith, who runs the whole thing, and Dennis Keim (dK) who's well know for his stunning work.

Joe McNally

For anyone interested in a flash photography course check out the Joe McNally "One Light. Two Light" tour. It's a 1-day event that be in Atlanta on February 28th. Joe is the guru of speedlight photography and this event is only $99 or $79 for NAPP members.

There are a number of photowalks coming up soon. Patrick is organizing one on September 29th in Athens and there is the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk happening  on October 13th. The Kelby event has 3 locations nearby to chose from, Huntsville, Athens, and Florence.