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Meetup Notes for March 7, 2013

I'm glad we had such a nice turn out for the meet up last night, 15 by my count, including the two that showed up virtually. The Google+ Hangout seemed to have worked pretty well so I can see us using that more in the future to include some of our remote members or to have a completely virtual meeting in some cases. Anyway, the main topic for the night was the Frequency Separation skin retouching technique (download the action here), a very versatile method of retouching skin by separating low frequency content (color) onto one layer and hight frequency content (texture) onto another.  By doing this you can retouch each layer separately and, with a little practice, you can leave the skin looking completely natural. It's good for more than just skin though, at the end of the night I mentioned a photo by Benjamin Von Wong where he used this technique to remove distractions from this photos of Trio Dinicu. Von Wong used the frequency separation technique to give the building and sidewalk their satin finish

He also put together a behind the scenes video of the shoot and a complete blog post about it.

Enjoy!  â€“Andy

Also, here is a video from Sara Kiesling of her doing a beauty makeover using this technique.