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Corrections to FOR GUYS MAG (nsfw)

GUYS magazine just released their March 2015 Special Edition uncensored issue and I'm proud to have two layouts in the magazine. One with the incredible Jeana Turner that I shot back in October of last year and the second one with the sexy Mindy Ann Harrison that I shot in Atlanta earlier this year. 

As I'm sure happens often in the publishing business there are a couple of errors that made it into the publication. I wanted to mention the correction here so that the proper people are credited. 

You can find the issue at these two sites. Go check them out.

Print issue:

Digital issue:

You can also find FGM all over the web.






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Jeana Turner , Photographer: "Stevie D" from Minnesota

Jeana Turner, Photographer: "Stevie D" from Minnesota

My shoot with Jeana has a picture included at the end of the set that wasn't taken by me and unfortunately I'm unable to find the photographer's name. It's attributed to "Stevie B" on Jeana's twitter feed but my twitter and facebook searchs have not turned up any photographer by that name. If this is your picture please contact me so I can credit you.

The flip-side of the credit glitch is that my photo layout of Mindy is credited to another photographer, Harvey Elkins. Harvey is a fine photographer and a friend of Mindy's who has also had some of his photos of Mindy published in GUYS (check out the December '14 uncensored issue).

I'm sure what happened was the same graphic file used in the December issue to add the overlay with Mindy and the photographer's names was used for this issue as well and during the editing process changing the photographer's name was overlooked, basically a cut & paste error. Shit happens.

I'm just a happy clam to have two layouts with two beautiful women in the same issue. Go check them and the other models out.

Mindy Ann Harrison , Photographer: Me (sorry Harvey)

Mindy Ann Harrison, Photographer: Me (sorry Harvey)