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Modern Hoboing

When I was in the Army, a quarter-century ago, my Battalion went to Fort Irwin in the California desert for a month long combat training exercise. The week before going we loaded all of the Battalion's M60A1 tanks and various other vehicles on rail cars and sent them ahead of us by train. Volunteers were asked to ride along with the equipment as a security detail. The trip would take a little under a week and the volunteers would ride the train from Fort Polk Louisiana to the California desert. To this day I regret not volunteering. The thought of riding the back of a train and watching the countryside pass by still appeals to me, maybe even more so as I grow older and life becomes more claustrophobic. Fortunately for us Mike Brodie didn't suffer from the same lack of an adventurous spirit as I did at his age. Instead he spent 4 years riding the rails of America, capturing these stunning photos with a Polaroid camera he found along the way. He has since given up photography but a book of his works, titled "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity", can still be purchased on his site.