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Hit the Lodge 2012

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Sometime last year I was looking for some workshops to attend that would help me to learn how to shoot people, more specifically, models. Something that would help me with posing, lighting, and all the other aspects of beauty/fashion/glamour photography, or fabeauglam for short. One of the workshops I came across was SuperShoots and they were having a class in Atlanta, so I signed up and made the trip for the two day workshop. Compare to the other workshops I had been to, this one was stellar. There had to be 12-15 models there so that everyone was shooting instead of standing around waiting, or everyone trying to shoot the same person at once (that's a mess for both the model and the photographers), and most of the models had real experience modeling so they were able to help me along when I would get stuck. Well I was impressed enough that I have since been to 3 other events in Peoria, Nashville, and a 4-day event in Pike County, Illinois called Hit the Lodge.

This is 4 solid days of shooting, shooting, and more shooting... with some instruction thrown in for good measure. It's in rural Illinois at a hunting lodge that's taken over by the photographers and models and everyone eats and sleeps on-site for those 4 days. The result is that you spend a lot of time talking with everyone, sharing ideas an techniques, shooting late into the day and night, and experimenting because you have the time. There was film student there this year and he put together this very good promo video of the event.

If you have any questions about the events please feel free to contact me.